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Convert fluorescent to LED  - With ILT's patented technology any fluorescent lighting fixture can be effortlessly retrofitted to accept any style or wattage of E26 LED bulb

The design of the ILT  Conversion Kit allows the unit to be placed in any fluorescent fixture with no disturbance to the existing hardware and removes the need for ballasts and drivers that draw unnecessary power.  No more need for electricians to change defective ballasts, tubes or wiring as all problematic parts have been eliminated

Why Choose ILT

Why ILT?

LED Bulbs VS LED Tubes
Posted: Nov 07, 2018
Bulbs are where it all began. Now that LEDs are in bulb form they are the new standard. They are available in all shapes, colours, sizes and are the most affordable solution in the LED marketplace. Installation is easy and anyone can change a bulb with one hand.

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