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Intelligent Lighting Technologies (ILT) Inc.

A minimum of 20-35 percent of your energy bill is directly from lighting and maintenance.  The lighting industry developed LED technology which helped to reduce the cost of lighting. Unfortunately, the solution from traditional lighting companies was to swap out existing fluorescent lighting fixtures with new LED integrated fixtures. You save some costs on your lighting bills, but the upfront costs, maintenance costs, and LED tube replacement costs remain high.  The environmental footprint also remains unchanged.  ILT recognized the opportunity and produced a patented disruptive technology that converts fluorescent lighting to household LED bulbs at a minimal cost, with enduring savings for your organization and the added benefit of being environmentally friendly.

ILT Timeline


Desi Narayanan - CEO

I have a deep passion for bringing talented people together to solve meaningful problems in our world. This is evidenced by my proven track record of building strong teams and innovative companies. As a process improvement and Lean Six Sigma practitioner, I have had the opportunity to work with a wide variety of businesses, helping to create efficiencies, reduce waste, and increase profitability. 

My passions for the environment and operational efficiency have led me to my current endeavour - leading ILT Solutions. ILT is a company committed to creating environmentally friendly lighting solutions for commercial spaces. By patenting an innovative approach to commercial lighting, our company is able to create efficiencies, reduce waste, and increase profitability in a different way. 

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Jose Temporao - CTO

A Founder of Intelligent Lighting Technologies a company which is focused on developing solutions for everyday problems affecting industries since the invention of the light bulb. Owning a fire protection company and working in an industry that is dictated by many regulations was the motivation to develop non proprietary manageable solutions. 

• Electronic Engineering Technology (Engineering Technician)
• Electronic Engineering Technology (Engineering Technologist, Electronics)
• Canadian Fire Alarm Association , Codes and standards, Fire alarm Technology
• Electrician : Construction and Maintenance 
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David Byron - COO

My approach in business has always been to bring support and satisfaction back to the customer, empowering them with information so that they can make informed decisions. My passion in business is listening to my clients in order to give them exactly what they want and need - leaving them with a smile, and turning them into some of our best salespeople.

Having spent most of my career with Safe & Sound in an industry dictated by many regulations, I take pride in keeping all of our clients in compliance with relevant codes. I am also well versed in process improvement and Six Sigma practices, allowing us to quickly bring smart solutions to our clients.

Now currently with Intelligent Lighting Technologies, I am excited to build on this success by helping businesses reduce the operational costs, and redirect hard earned revenue back into their bottom lines. With the increasing cost of energy, we are constantly looking for ways to reduce waste. This can often be achieved by reducing your facilities lighting costs, which claim roughly 25-30% of your energy bill. 

If you would like to learn more, please feel free to reach out.