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Intelligent Lighting Technologies (ILT) Inc.

A minimum of 20-35 percent of your energy bill is directly from lighting and maintenance.  The lighting industry developed LED technology which helped to reduce the cost of lighting. Unfortunately, the solution from traditional lighting companies was to swap out existing fluorescent lighting fixtures with new LED integrated fixtures. You save some costs on your lighting bills, but the upfront costs, maintenance costs, and LED tube replacement costs remain high.  The environmental footprint also remains unchanged.  ILT recognized the opportunity and produced a patented disruptive technology that converts fluorescent lighting to household LED bulbs at a minimal cost, with enduring savings for your organization and the added benefit of being environmentally friendly.




Jose Temporao - CTO

The founder of Intelligent Lighting Technologies, a company which is focused on developing solutions for everyday problems affecting industries since the invention of the light bulb. Owning a fire protection company and working in an industry that is dictated by many regulations was the motivation to develop nonproprietary manageable solutions. 

• Electronic Engineering Technology (Engineering Technician)
• Electronic Engineering Technology (Engineering Technologist, Electronics)
• Canadian Fire Alarm Association, Codes and standards, Fire alarm Technology
• Electrician: Construction and Maintenance 
Product certifications
Product prototyping
Product patenting
System design


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