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LED Bulbs VS LED Tubes

Posted: Wednesday November 7, 2018

There really is no comparison.

Bulbs are where it all began. Now that LEDs are in bulb form they are the new standard. They are available in all shapes, colours, sizes and are the most affordable solution in the LED marketplace. Installation is easy and anyone can change a bulb with one hand.

Led tubes on the other hand are extremely complex. Even though they look very much like fluorescent tubes they definitely are not. You almost need a course just to know which LED tubes to use. Each LED tube option needs to match the particular ballast option in your fixture. They have many other compatibility limitations and are not the efficient energy savers you would think especially in a retrofit situation. They are not dimmable, have limited wattage or colour options and have only the tube design. Additionally, new fixtures with LED tubes are not even available.  They are essentially (built-in) integrated LED designs which need to be properly disposed of when they break which starts the buying cycle all over again. This defeats the purpose of opting for a 'green' solution.

The difference is clear.
Let's get back to basics and just screw in a bulb.

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