Intelligent Lighting Technologies - ILT - LED Lighting


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ILT Solutions

  • Only the bulb that is burnt out needs to be replaced
  • Anyone who can climb a ladder can replace the bulbs for under $5.00
  • One electronic component for easy troubleshooting repair and replace
  • Indefinitely with only bulbs to replace
  • Able to adjust the energy consumption by replacing the bulbs to lower or higher rated wattage which allows for lighting flexibility
  • LED bulbs Cost $1.00-$9.00
  • No external Driver. Just the cost of the bulb
  • For LED bulbs the lowest wattage is 6 watts
  • ILT can retrofit any size or shape of fixture from 8 foot fixtures, strip lighting, shop lights to high bays and fixtures that use lights such as U shaped tubes, circular tubes or strip lights
  • In some cases you may need more than 1700 lumens. The ILT Conversion Kit allows the use of a 24 Watt 3000 lumen corn style bulb
  • ILT retrofit kits and fixtures are future proofed due to their flexibility. You can utilize new LED bulb technology as it evolves


LED Fixtures / Tubes

  • When integrated fixtures need repair or is at the end of life the entire unit needs to be replaced
  • Cost of replacement is above $200 with installation which requires an electrician
  • Integrated multiple components increase failure rate 
  • Life expectancy of 3-5 Years for integrated fixtures
  • Energy consumption is fixed at the rated wattage
  • LED tubes Cost $18-$33.00
  • Requires Drivers $50.00 - $100
  • For LED tubes the lowest wattage is 17 watts
  • LED tubes and integrated LED lighting provides for minimal flexibility
  • Lumen limitations
  • Limited opportunity to adapt to technology changes in the LED industry