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In some cases your lighting needs require a new fixture. If you are starting a new build or your lighting is ready for an upgrade ILT has a solution for you.

The New 2x4 and 2x2 LED fixture

The minimal maintenance for these fixtures is what makes them the best decision for any facility. The use of household LED bulb technology minimizes the expense of ongoing tube replacement.  There is no ballast so the expense for ballast maintenance is eliminated completely.

Integrated LED fixtures have higher up front hardware and installation costs, a short lifespan, require ongoing servicing by electricians, replacement power drivers and must be disposed of and replaced once the LED bulbs burn out starting the expense cycle all over again.  This entire process is not cost effective or environmentally friendly.

The  ILT LED fixture will maintain the light level you want while dramatically reducing the energy used to light the facility.

The savings can be significant with no loss in illumination levels.


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2x4 Fixture

Illuminated with 4 standard medium based LED Bulbs


2x2 Fixture
Illuminated with 2 standard medium based LED Bulbs