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Woolworth Building

I just received my PUC bill for the building. This bill reflects all of the new LED lights to the entire building.

Here's a summary of my PUC bills starting from when I took over the property and purchase the building:

  1. Feb-Mar 2016 = $1774
  2. Mar-Apr = 1763
  3. Apr-May = $1843 - added new tenant on main floor (unit 610 Queen)
  4. May-Jun = $1730 - added 2nd floor tenants (unit 616)
  5. Jun-Jul = $1569 - first lighting retro-fit (unit 610 main floor)
  6. Jul-Aug = $2008 - full building tenancy - all lighting retro-fits complete for entire building

So, this current bill for AUG-SEP is: $1013!

It really went down a lot!

I'm SUPER surprised and the cost savings. It's very real! Such a relief. Now I feel secure and optimistic about all of this investment.

THANK YOU all SO MUCH for being patient with me (I know it got a bit complicated and confusing). But, I'm so happy with everything.

All of you have been absolutely wonderful.

Thank you!!

Richard Kim

Grand Gardens

Grand Gardens consists of two large banquet facilities located in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario.

Our lighting consists of many different types of fixtures throughout our halls and kitchens.  We are very pleased with our conversion to the ILT fixture in both appearance and cost savings.

Ken Goodship, Owner - Grand Gardens

GFL Material Recycling Facility & Transfer Station

We live in a complicated era where the culmination and side effects of advancements in industry, urban development and technology may present compromising circumstances for our planet, and progress itself. GFL has a driving life-long passion to respect and act responsibly towards our environment. 

We at GFL strive to make a positive contribution to communities that we live and work in. It is for this reason we began concentrating on reducing our power usage within our mills and offices. GFL operates out of large facilities across the country that consist of warehouses, parking structures, and large offices. We continuously consume large amounts of electricity on a daily basis.

Our high bay fixtures as well as our outdoor wall packs are high pressure sodium lights which take about 30 minutes to reach their full intensity and are costly to run. Throughout our offices we have T8 fluorescent tubes and ballasts that are constantly needing changing or servicing.  

Through months of research  we have found ILT technologies to be the most economical and cost effective solution . Other plants have used different LED fixtures and quickly realized that they needed servicing, they were costly and had to be completely replaced in a few years. 

The fact that I can go to any hardware store, purchase any bulb and replace it myself without the need of professional services is exactly what I was looking for. 

Our office have recently been converted and true to their word it was a simple solution that looks great. We are now in the process of converting the high bay lights to the ILT LED fixtures so we will be able to boast a significant energy savings immediately and for many years to come.  

John Martella District Manager GFL Environmental Inc.

NorBear Limited

We are a Commercial Fire Alarm company. We have been on of the first to convert our building to the ILT Solution. We found the installation to be the lowest cost and the energy savings to be real.  We are looking forward to having little or no maintenance costs for the future. We would recommend ILT whole heartedly.

Damon Godfrey, President - NorBear Limited

HPM Property Management Corp

As a property management company for three apartment buildings in Sault Ste. Marie we have experienced continue increases in our electric costs, as everyone has, biting into profitability and cash flow especially during the winter months. Last year in particular was a long cold winter and we made a decision to turn our electric water heaters into gas hot water heaters entirely for economic reasons.After meeting with Jose and learning about ILT lighting solution and since the apartment building requires fixtures running 24 – 7 we were very interested in learning about the cost / benefits. Jose conducted an electrical efficiency audit that convinced us to replace/update our current florescent lighting fixtures. Estimated cost were a payback within approximately 2 – 3 years. We now figure the return to be within 6 to 10months and in the long run the significant savings is astounding especially when you consider over a 5-10 year period.

I found the installation extremely simple and very easily completed, my staff had absolutely no problems.

I am extremely satisfied that we switched over to the ILT solution and I have the same if not better light intensity at a significantly lower cost. This is a fantastic solution and the timing couldn’t be better and I strongly recommend the process.

Steve Edmonds, President - HPM Property Management Corp

Elstrong Management Limited

Elstrong Management  has been managing residential and commercial buildings for 35 years. Sometimes something new comes along that can have a big impact on the day to day operations. ILT Solutions eliminated costly service calls and he need for an electrician to change out ballasts and tubes. The ILT solution uses standard medium base bulbs(the common house bulb) allowing our maintenance staff o simply screw in a standard bulb when needed. If that was not enough, switching to LED standard bulbs saves energy “real energy savings” 60-70% of the energy being used on all our 24 hour fluorescent lighting. The installation was minimal, taking only 5min-10min per fixture with no interruption to business operations.

ILT upgraded the fixtures exactly according to their quote with no issues for Elstrong to get involved with.

I highly recommend the ILT Solution upgrade for easier maintenance and utility savings..

Dave Elgie, President - Elstrong Management Limited

The Perzia Group Ltd.

The Perzia Group Ltd. has been in the building construction and managing residential apartment buildings for the past 50 years.

We strive to reduce the maintenance and repair costs each year; especially the exorbitant increases in the electrical costs. ILT introduced cost savings by retrofitting our fluorescent light fixtures and switching to LED standard bulbs. This is a real energy savings since the apartment fixtures run 24-7.

We are extremely satisfied with the upgrade and the solution put forward by Mr. Temporao. The upgrade was carried out in a very professional manner with no disruption to the building and our tenants.

Steve Perzia, President, The Perzia Group Ltd.