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The Perzia Group Ltd Design & Building Consultants

Market Segment: Commercial Building

Client’s Problem

Owners Steve and Carla faced a challenge. They owned and managed the 70 East and 700 Bay apartment buildings for years and were facing increased lighting costs due to the requirement to keep 24 hour lighting in common areas, for the safety of all tenants and staff.


Dependency on Fluorescents: ​They had in place T12 Fluorescent Tubes and were experiencing increased costs due to maintenance staff constantly replacing burnt out bulbs and ballasts. They attempted to seek out more efficient lighting options from electrical contractors and suppliers but were left unsatisfied​. The price to convert to LED fixtures was very high and the cost of installation brought the price out of range.

Age of Fixtures: ​The age of the fixtures were also a concern as they believed they would need to be changed out completely which would add to the cost of any retrofit.


The ILT Solution

ILT was able to retrofit all of the existing T12 fluorescent fixtures with the ILT Conversion Kit. Removing the ballast and tubes from all the existing fixtures eliminated the maintenance issue they were having. There is no more ballast to service and anyone can screw in a bulb. We dropped the energy from 90 Watts to 19 Watts saving Steve and Carla ​79% ​on the lighting cost.

Perzia Group began saving on energy costs immediately!

  KW Hours Energy Costs
Before 210,012 Total KW Hours $29,401 at 0.14/KW and 24hrs/day
After 48,143 Total KW Hours $6740 at 0.14/KW and 24hrs/day


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The Joe Ruscio Professional Corporation

Market Segment: Residential Building

Client’s Problem

Joe Ruscio, the owner of a professional bookkeeping/accounting service in Sault Ste Marie Ontario, faced a challenge. His growing company was moving to a new larger location and he realized the lighting was very poor and needed to be addressed.

Dependency on incandescent track lights: ​The space was lit with 30 150 Watt incandescent track lights which cast a spotty light and were unevenly distributed throughout the office space. Most of the daily tasks included paper and computer work which is difficult in dim and uneven light.

High Maintenance: ​The maintenance on the light fixtures was constant and painstaking. The ceilings were very high and special equipment and persons would have to be hired to change and maintain them.

The ILT Solution

The best solution for the Ruscio office was to remove all the track lights and replace them with the 4PCKF 2.0 LED fixture​. This is a 2x4 recessed fixture fitted with the ILT Conversion kit and fitted with 9.5 Watt bulbs. We replaced 30 track lights with 20 ILT fixtures​, each containing 4 LED bulbs.


Ruscio Professional Corporation began saving on energy costs immediately!

  Total Watts Energy Costs
Before 30 bulbs x 150W = 4500 Total Watts $3154 at 0.16/KW and 12hrs/day.
After 80 bulbs x 9.5 W = 760 Total Watts $533 at at 0.16/KW and 12 hrs/day


View The Case Study PDF